sparkle –
End of the year celebration

This workshop will offer a sparkling and transformative celebration of the ending year. It‘s an invitation to
cherish the gifts, connections and challenges we were given this year, to let go of what no longer serves us and be grateful for another year on this beautiful planet in the presence of awakening and awareness.

We will dance to release and invite the arriving new energy of the coming year, that holds new opportunities and gifts for us with joy and gratitude. By doing this together we also thank each other and ourselves. Take this time for yourself and for your loved ones to appreciate what was, what is and what will be.

The end of the year is a beautiful time to remember our journey to this moment, how far we‘ve come and what we are proud of.
Let‘s celebrate and feel sparkling like the stars in the sky.

EVERYBODY is welcome, all levels, no skills or knowledge required. Enter with an open mind. Bring warm socks.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable (to move in) and beautiful in. Sparkling, shimmering, colorful, weird is all welcome. Want to swirl? Bring a floating skirt. Want to sparkle? Wear glitter. Want to be super comfortable? Wear cozy clothes.

There will be tea, snacks and a little surprise for you to bring home waiting for you.

Also: otz will bless us with some delicious live beats and sounds. YUM!

Doors open: 14:30
Start: 15:00
(please come at least 15 min early to arrive calm, have time to change, for a cup of tea or to connect with people)
Ends around 17:30

Investment: 55€
(If you want to come but absolutely can’t afford it,
I’m offering 3 ‘Happy-Helper’ Tickets for 33€. In exchange I’ll ask you to help me with things 1h before and after the event at the location. Leave me a hint in the application form. First come, first serve)

Apply below to save your spot.
(They’re limited)

This event will be photographed discreetly. Please let me know in your application how your preferences are about being captured.
The pictures will only be used to promote my work.

I'm so excited to move with you!

Please SHARE and bring your friends.

Let's dance and celebrate!