look inside.
show what you used to hide.

soulsteps dance



let your light shine

I believe that even when we‘re still and just our BREATHE is moving our cells this is already dance within our body. By becoming aware of our breath, our body and how it wants to move we can start to build a real connection to our SELF, RELEASE emotion, stress and trauma and gain CONFIDENCE for our body, our soul and personality. 

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End of the year celebration

This workshop will offer a sparkling and transformative celebration of the dying year. It‘s an invitation to cherish the gifts, connections and challenges we were given this year, to let go of what no longer serves us and be grateful for another year on this beautiful planet in the presence of awakening and awareness.

We will dance to release and invite the arriving new energy of the coming year, that holds new opportunities and gifts for us with joy and gratitude. By doing this together we also thank each other and ourselves.

The end of the year is a beautiful time to remember our journey to this moment, how far we‘ve come and what we are proud of. Let‘s celebrate and feel sparkling like the stars in the sky.

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Let’s stay connected and exchange experiences and thoughts. Let’s inspire each other to live our true selves.

Everything you are is right
and you belong here in this time.
— Deborah Tyllack