There are three main things the workshops and classes aim to offer you.


Dates below.



dance to let go

RELEASE // Dance to let go

Dancing to releasing what is not longer neaded in our bodies and souls. It‘s freeing us from old habits in body and mind, from believe-systems, insecurities and doubts about ourselves and life.



love yourself

EMPOWER // Love yourself

Dancing will strengthen our confidence and empower us to be ourselves. It helps to uplift us so that we experience our own powers and learn to access and use them for ourselves.

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Get in touch

CONNECT // Get in touch

Dance connects us with ourselves, our surroundings and other people. It allows us to meet ourselves in a safe space and experience how it feels to give ourselves attention and caring in that way.





SPECIAL events

In addition to the regular program I will offer a series of special events that focus on different specific topics related to a certain time of the month/year or are primarily designed for a certain group of people.



end of the year celebration

SPARKLE // end of the year celebration

This workshop is a sparkling and transformative celebration of the dying year. It‘s an invitation to cherish the gifts, connections and challenges we were given this year, to let go of what no longer serves us and be grateful for another year on this beautiful planet in the presence of awakening and awareness.


sacred women dance circle

DEVADANCE // sacred women dance circle

This workshop offers a space for women only to celebrate their sacred divine feminine truth. It‘s an invite to all women that want to get in touch with their sacred, wild, feminine truth and celeberate with their soulsisters the incredibly magical gift of being a woman in this day and time.


celebrate life

FESTIVAL // chakra-dance with
the DAKIRAH Collective

This workshop is designed especially for festivals and open air experiences. It’s an invitation to celebrate life, our body and music in beautiful nature while connecting with ourselves and our emotions.